FAIRWINDS Credit Union Rhinoceros Outpost

The Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens opened the FAIRWINDS Credit Union Rhinoceros Outpost on March 15, 2013. This exhibit is home to a pair of greater one-horned Indian rhinoceros, Jahi and PJ.  Arriving first was Jahi, whose name means “dignified.” Jahi is now three years old and came to the Zoo from Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo. He currently weighs 3,000 pounds and will weigh approximately 5,000 pounds by adulthood.

Jahi was later joined by another male rhinoceros, PJ,  also three years old. PJ came to the Zoo from the White Oaks Conservation Center in Yulee, Florida. He is named after his sire (father) Patrick and his dam (mother) Jakichu. PJ’s sire was the first Indian rhinoceros born in North America in 1974.

The Indian rhinoceros is one of five species of rhinoceros worldwide and one of three species found in Asia. It is native to the remote, swampy grasslands of India, Assam and Nepal. Their skin resembles armor plating and even though it looks tough they still need to protect it. They have a single horn that can re-grow if broken off. Indian rhinoceros can run fast, up to 24 mph. They can live up to 45 years. Indian rhinoceros are listed as Endangered.