How many species are there?

Beetles are the largest group in the Animal Kingdom. There are more than 350,000 identified beetle species. Yet scientists believe there are thousands more that have not been discovered yet!

Do they have nicknames?

Yes, you may know them as ladybugs, June bugs, weevils, lightning bugs or fireflies, borers, or potato bugs.

Are they all the same?

No other animal group has such a range of color, shape, and size. Some are as large as your fist; others are so small they can fit through the eye of a needle. 

Do beetles fly?

Most beetles can fly, although they do so in a slow, clumsy manner. However, even the ones that can't still have wings.  They may just lack hindwings or have ones that are quite small.

What do they eat?

Beetles eat almost everything: plants, other insects, carcasses, pollen, and dung.  Most beetles have a very good sense of smell to help them find food. Some beetles catch flying insects with a long, sticky tongue.

What are beetles good for? 

Beetles create soil for vegetation by eating animal waste, rotten wood, and animal carcasses. They pollinate flowers and keep insect populations in balance through predation. Let’s hear it for beetles!