Black-Throated Magpie Jay

Black-throated magpie jay

Calocitta formosa colliei


Quick Facts

Black-throated magpie jay

Found:  West U.S. and Central America
Size:  Body 8 inches  Tail 13 inches
Weight:  8 to 9 ounces 
Diet:  fruit, berries, invertebrates

Status:  Common

This conspicuous jay can be seen perching on the top of shrubs and bushes as well as inside the crowns of larger trees. They are often seen in the company of other birds in the area when feeding. They are omnivores and eat standing on one foot while using the other foot to hold food. They use their beak to hammer open seeds or pick pieces from fruits and berries. These jays also cache food, returning later to eat. They nest in a thorny tree, sometimes 100 feet high. During the mating season, they have surprisingly sweet gurgling vocalizations as well as a variety of harsh calls more commonly heard.

Black-throated magpie jay     Black-throated magpie jay    Black-throated magpie jay