Cheetahs and the Ultimate Race

  Cheetahs and the Ultimate Race   Most people recognize cheetahs by their spotted coats, slender bodies and, of course, their speed! As the world’s fastest land mammal, cheetahs can accelerate to…

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We’re Loco for Lemurs

  We’re Loco for Lemurs!     You probably recognize lemurs and associate them with King Julien and his infamous performance to Move It, Move It! This ring-tailed lemur is a hilarious…

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Everyone’s Wingman

  Everyone’s Wingman—Vet Tech Appreciation Week   The Zoo is home to over 350 animals and a huge part of ensuring top-quality animal wellness is providing individualized health care. Most people understand…

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Reptiles—Repelling or Riveting?

R.A.D.!     Happy Reptile Awareness Day! If you ask a “non-native” to describe Florida, you’ll probably hear about reptiles, especially ‘gators and crocodiles (Florida is the only place in North America…

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Seniors at Central Florida Zoo

Taking Care of Older Animals at the Central Florida Zoo Growing old is a part of life and often requires changes in lifestyle, diet, care and even living arrangements. The same holds…

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Reviving Rhinos

Reviving Rhinos If you stop and think about it, rhinos are pretty relatable. The more salad these herbivores eat, the more they end up weighing! Just kidding—we think their curves (and ours)…

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Evolution—Not Just for Animals

Evolution—Not Just for Animals   Sundays were always a popular day for families to visit with and feed the animals so it felt right to permanently close the doors of the Sanford…

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Sanford was Full of Monkey Business

Sanford was Full of Monkey Business Our History—Part 2 of 3 Years before Central Florida was overrun by a certain mouse, the adoption of a Municipal Zoo in Sanford was a victory…

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The True Start of the (Original) Sanford Zoo

The True Start of the (Original) Sanford Zoo Our History—Part 1 of 3 The city of Sanford has a rich history dating back to 1870 when Henry Shelton Sanford bought 12,548 acres…

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