Chacoan Peccary

Chacoan Peccary

Catagonus wagneri
Chacoan Peccary

Quick Facts

Found:  Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia
Size:  2 1/2 feet tall
Weight:  63 to 108 pounds
Diet:  Fruits and fleshy plants
Life Span:  10 years
Status:  Endangered -once thought extinct



Chacoan peccaries are the largest of the three peccary species. This wild pig cousin was once thought to be extinct but was re-discovered in 1972. Most active in the early morning hours, they will then usually find a mud wallow or dusty area to cool off as the day heats up. These animals love to eat prickly cactus. They remove the spines by rolling them around with their rubbery snouts. Peccaries live in small groups. They "bond" by rubbing other group members with the smells produced by their scent glands.  They stay together even when they are being attacked. If they can flee, they raise the long hairs on their backs and spray secretions from their dorsal glands. Scientists think that this is to keep the group together through dense brush by smelling the odor.  If fleeing proves impossible, as a defensive strategy, members of a herd may line up in a defense wall.

Chacoan Peccary    Chacoan Peccary   Chacoan Peccary