What Happens During Cold Weather

Brrrrr... it's cold! 

Even in Florida, it can get pretty cold! The Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens takes the proper steps necessary to ensure the animals are comfortable during the cold snap.

Outdoor, nonnative reptiles will be moved to indoor, heated enclosures: crocodile monitor, Grand Cayman rock iguanas, Aldabra tortoise, African spurred tortoise, and other smaller tortoises. This also means there will be no Venom! Show on extremely cold days. 

Flying High and Wild Tales shows will not take place in the extreme cold. Check with Admissions Staff or in-park signage on the day of your visit for these experiences. 

Two-toed sloth will be off exhibit, staying warm in a behind-the-scenes area. 

Giraffe feedings will not take place in cold temperatures. 

All animals are provided with warm shelters. Animals are free to choose when they would like to go into their shelters to warm up, and therefore may not always be visible.

Splash pad does not operate below 60°F.