Flood the Zoo

This giving season, we are asking our loyal donors, fans, and supporters to help Flood the Zoo...with donations

Sounds crazy but the Zoo has no choice but to embrace the recent flooding throughout the property. The water had nowhere to go so we are asking for your support to further Flood the Zoo and help us recover from the impacts of Hurricane Irma.

We know many in our community are still dealing with the effects of this historic storm, so your gift will be combined with others to help raise the level of funds available to the Zoo for both the expected and unexpected.


Even with all of the days of preparation invested to ensure the safety of the animals here at the Zoo, prior to Hurricane Irma’s arrival, no one could have planned for the aftermath. Flood waters swept through the Zoo, so much so that our staff found catfish, crayfish, and other aquatic creatures swimming freely on our sidewalks.


While Hurricane Irma left its mark on the Zoo, it was Lake Monroe, located just across 17-92 from us, that rose in the days following the storm and has yet to fully recede. While we were able to quickly reopen following the storm, some of our most popular habitats – including our Florida Black Bear habitat - only just reopened to visitors in the last few weeks!

Not all of the costs associated with the damage at the Zoo were covered by insurance, a problem many of our neighbors in the community are facing. We are now forced to accelerate what we thought was a 20-year master plan for development, that was announced publicly in April of this year. 

Take a walk through the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens' with CEO, Dino Ferri, to learn more about the impacts flooding had on the Zoo following Hurricane Irma. 

We need your help. 

We're asking you to continue to Flood the Zoo, but with donations this time.

Gifts of $50, $25, $15, or whatever amount you are able to do will help support the Zoo's continued repairs and cleanup efforts. As your local nonprofit conservation and education resource, your tax deductible gift will allow us to keep doing what we do best - providing excellent animal care and inspiring visitors to learn and act on behalf of wildlife.

Here's how you can help Flood the Zoo:

Via Text: Make your gift today by texting the keyword SeeDoZoo to 243725

Through Facebook: You can now give fee-free through the Zoo's Facebook page and 100% of your contribution will flood into the Zoo!

Online: As always, you can make a secure, tax-deductible gift to the Zoo online today.

By Mail: Your tax deductible contribution, payable to the Central Florida Zoo, can be sent to PO Box 470309, Lake Monroe, FL 32747.

Gifts received after December 31, 2017 will be counted as part of the 2018 tax year.