Florida's Non-venomous Snakes

How many species of snakes are found in Florida?

Way too many to list here.  Florida and Texas have more snake species than any other states-- in Florida, about 50 different species (6 venomous and 44 non-venomous).  That's because our hot and humid weather is perfect for reptiles to live and strive.  Below are some of the more common non-venomous snakes that you may find in your backyard.  Remember, these snakes are not harmful and are providing us a very valuable service eating rodents (that carry lots of diseases) and/or eating other venomous snakes.  So, don't chop their heads off, just go back inside, get a glass of ice tea and by the time you come back out, they will probably be gone.


      Yellow Rat                      Red Rat                      Garter 

    Florida King               Florida Pine                Black Racer

     Ringneck                   Scarlet King             Eastern Indigo


Banded Water               Brown Water           Eastern Hognose