Florida's Non-venomous Snakes

How many species of snakes are found in Florida?

In Florida, we have over 50 species of native snakes! However, only 6 of those snakes are venomous. In Central Florida, only 4 of those venomous snakes are found. The hot and humid weather of Florida is a very suitable habitat for reptiles to live and thrive. All snakes, venomous and nonvenomous, play a vital role in our ecosystem as a form of rodent control. By eating rodents, snakes can help control the spread of diseases that rodents can carry, such as Lyme disease. Visit our Herpetarium to see some of Florida's native venomous and nonvenomous snakes. The Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens is home to the following nonvenomous, Florida native snakes: 


Florida Kingsnake


Florida Pine Snake            



Eastern Indigo Snake



Visit our Venomous Snakes page to learn more about some of Florida's venomous snakes. 

Learn more about Living with Snakes from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission here: http://myfwc.com/conservation/you-conserve/wildlife/snakes/

Please note: the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens does not trap or remove any snakes. Please contact Florida Fish and Wildlife or a certified and permitted wildlife trapper if you have a concern about a nuisance snake.