Lesser Spot-nosed Guenon

Lesser spot-nosed guenon

Cercopithecus petaurista

Quick Facts

Lesser spot-nosed guenon

Found:  West coast of Africa
Size:  3 to 4 feet long with tail
Weight:  6 to 8 pounds
Diet:  fruit, leaves, insects
Life Span:  Up to 20 years
Status:  Undetermined

Spot-nosed guenons are named for the white oval patch on their nose.  They are found in the lower strata of the forest canopy.  They are diurnal (active during the day) and live in troops of 10 to 40 individuals.  Only the females are permanent; the males leave at puberty to live a solitary life or join another mixed sex group.  Their main predator is the crowned eagle.  Guenons have separate alarm calls for ground and aerial predators.  If you hear a guenon sneeze, it's probably the "sneeze call" that guenons pass through the group as an alarm. There are many different species of guenon with different means of communication.  Brow raising is a common form of communication as well has head bobbing and showing their teeth.  

Lesser spot-nosed guenon    Lesser spot-nosed guenon     Lesser spot-nosed guenon