How Many Species of Spiders Are There?

More than 37,000 different kinds of spiders have been
discovered, but we know that there are still a whole lot
more that scientists have not found yet.

  What is the smallest and largest spiders?

The smallest is the mygalomoph spider. Its body is the size of a pin head.  The largest is the Goliath birdeating tarantula.  It's the size of a dinnerplate.

Are spiders venomous

Almost all have venom to kill their insect prey. About 25 species have venom that can effect humans. The black widow and the brown recluse have not caused any deaths in more than two decades.

How many eyes does a spider have?

Most spiders have eight eyes. Some have no eyes and some have 12 eyes. Most can detect only between light and dark, while others have well-developed vision.

What is a spider good for?

A spider eats about 2,000 insects a year, so spiders are good to have around the home. The reward for the trouble? All too often, a smack with a newspaper.