Violet Turaco

Violet Turaco
Musophaga violacea


Quick Facts

Violet Turaco

Found:  West Africa
Size:   Up to 30 inches
Weight:  Up to 32 ounces
Diet:  Primarily fruit. Leaves, and insects
Status: Common


These birds are also known as violaceous turacos or violet plantain-eaters. Their plumage is a glossy violet color except for their thick orange bill, yellow forehead and crimson crown. The main flight feathers on the wings are also crimson in color. Despite these bright colors the birds are often quite indistinguishable in the dense canopy of their forest home.  Turacos are social birds, traveling in flocks of around ten to twelve individuals. Nestlings show their hunger not by chirping like most baby birds but by opening their large orange-red mouth. Parents respond by regurgitating a fruit/insect mixture directly into the babies throat. All this is done in silence perhaps due to the number of predators in the forest. 

Violet Turaco   Violet Turaco   Violet Turaco