Boer Goat

Capra hircus

Meet Jess and Angel

Barnyard Buddies Children's Zoo is home to two Boer goats, Jess and Angel. These two girls love back scratches!

About the Species

Boer goats are a large, muscled goat.

Boer goats can weigh between 150-350 pounds. They have short coats mainly white with brown or red heads. They have horns and long ears. Around their shoulders, they have loose rolls of skin. Goats are kept and bred to be used for their milk, fiber, or as a source of meat. The Boer goat is mainly bred in South Africa, and due to their large size, this breed of goat is generally kept as a source of meat.

Words From the Experts


Jess and Angel are the boer goats that live in Barnyard Buddies. This breed of goat originates from South Africa. In Dutch, the term "Boer" means farmer. These girls love scratches on the back so give them some attention the next time you are at the Zoo.


Did You Know?

Goats have horizontal rectangular pupils.



Domestic, but breed developed in South Africa


adapted to live in hot, dry semi-deserts


68-158 kg (150-350lbs)


brush, shrubs, broadleaf weeds


Humans and large carnivores

Natural Defenses



Can breed throughout the year, giving birth to 1–3 calves


Not Listed

Life Expectancy

Average life expectancy 15 years but can live as long as 20 years

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