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Animal Nutrition Internship

Who May Apply

18 Years and Older

Job Overview

The Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens Nutrition Department plays an integral role in the Zoo’s mission, by raising awareness of conservation issues and providing complete and natural nutrition to our animal collection as we strive to inspire people to take environmental action.



The Nutrition Department is responsible for the diets of the entire animal collection at Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens. Interns will have the opportunity to construct animal diets, learn to determine animal diets, problem solve in the case of tricky nutrition cases, quality control testing, volunteer management and keeping track of inventory and ordering items needed by the Nutrition Center and throughout the Zoo. Interns will also be able to take part in a personal project that adheres to their interests.



Provide support to the Nutrition Department staff in daily duties. Enhance productivity and efficiency of the day to day operations in the Nutrition Center. Allow qualified individuals the opportunity to gain professional hands-on experience. Promote an opportunity to gain a strong understanding of potential careers in zoo animal nutrition.



Animal Nutrition interns are supervised by the Nutrition Center staff, however, with some specific projects interns are expected to have the ability to work autonomously following direction. In addition to assisting with routine cleaning, the intern will be required to complete a checklist of skills. Interns will be exposed to a wide variety of diets, including fruits, vegetables, grains, chows, whole prey and meat and will be required to complete a project of their choosing. Assignments and opportunities that are available to a nutrition services department intern are based on individual progress during the internship.



Must be 18 years of age or older.

Must be able to work 20-30 hours/week. Must be able to work approximately 10 hours per day on chosen days and arrive at the zoo at 6am. One available day must be a weekday. Must provide proof of negative TB test and submit to drug testing prior to the start of the internship. Must be able to work efficiently and safely around sharp or hot kitchen tools and hygienically around food.



This position involves a lot of standing, walking, and lifting. Most responsibilities will be completed indoors, but time outdoors is expected, in all different weather conditions including heat, humidity, rain, or dust. It may also involve considerable physical exertion such as climbing, reaching, assuming awkward positions, repetitive motions, and lifting and/or moving of heavy objects (up to 50 pounds) on a regular basis. Due to the nature of this environment, interns will have some public contact requiring considerable communication skills. Interns should be comfortable handling all food items provided to our animals. We are able to work around allergies.

To Apply:

  • Complete Internship Application
  • Submit a cover letter. The cover letter must include: Term for which you are applying. Why you are applying for this internship. What makes you a good candidate for this internship?
  • Resume
  • Two letters of recommendation (Letters of recommendation may be submitted by the applicant or the reference; however, the applicant’s name should appear in the subject line).
  • E-mail all materials to stephaniew@centralfloridazoo.org by the deadline date.
  • Submit all required documents in PDF or Microsoft Word. Eligible applicants will be contacted for a phone interview by the Animal Department shortly after the application deadline.

Internship Dates and Deadline to Apply:

  • January-April: deadline to apply is November 15th
  • May-August: deadline to apply is March 15th
  • September-December: deadline to apply is July 15th


COLLEGE CREDIT: You will need to contact your college/university advisor to determine if our program qualifies for credit at your institution. We make every effort to support additional projects your advisor requires in order to receive credit and are happy to discuss concerns and/or modifications of our program with your advisor. Any paperwork, including project terms, evaluations, minimum hours, or any other requirements must be submitted upon acceptance into the program. No preferential treatment will be granted to interns earning credit over interns not earning credit.


Apply Online
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