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CEO Clean Sweep


This is your chance to direct your donation to determine which habitat the Zoo’s CEO, Dino Ferri, will help clean for the cause.

Cast their vote for one of the animal habitats below by making a donation through the Zoo’s Facebook campaign site. Funds received will support the Zoo’s sustainability campaign.

Donations made to the Zoo between Monday, November 16 and Monday, November 30 will determine the winner. The habitat that receives the most donations, or the first one to $3,000, will be the habitat Dino cleans on Facebook Live.

Help us make a clean start for the year ahead! There is no Zoo without YOU!

River Otter Habitat

Learn more about our river otters and cast your vote!

Indian Rhino Habitat

Learn more about our Indian Rhino and cast your vote!

Macaw Habitat

Learn more about our macaws and cast your vote!

  • Saving Animals From Extinction
  • Culture Builds Florida
  • Florida Association of Zoos and Aquariums