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K – Adult Virtual Outreach Programs

Zoo to You! Virtual Fieldtrips

Choose from a wide a variety of exciting animal presentations that will bring these wonderful programs right to you!

NEW! Let us bring the Zoo to you through virtual outreach programs!

Experience up close opportunities to meet our animal ambassadors and talk with Education team members via the internet. Choose from any of the virtual outreach programs listed below and we will bring them live to you via Zoom!

Animal Adaptation (K-Adult)

They’re weird, wacky and wonderful! Meet some creatures with strange features in this up close look at some unusual animal adaptations.

Animals in Action (K-Adult)

Animals move in many ways. How many can you think of? How many can you imitate? Discover all the right moves and get moving during this lively presentation!

Creatures of the Night (K-Adult)

Fascinating night life comes to light during this nocturnal adventure with some incredible creatures of the night. Discover amazing characteristics and adaptations that have allowed these animals to be successful in the dark.

Fear to Fascination (K-Adult)

Afraid of snakes or spiders? Face your fears with this in-depth program designed to debunk some of the most common myths surrounding some of the world’s most misunderstood animals. Discover why humans fear these “creepy crawlers” and how beneficial they really are to our planet.

Florida Natives (K-Adult)

Meet some of the wonderful animals that share our state, including some you might see in your own backyard. This program features Florida’s diverse wildlife including alligators, opossums, or gopher tortoises. Learn why it is imperative that we become stewards of our state in order to save habitat for these natives.

Go Wild! (2nd – Adult)

This multi-concept presentation brings fun to your students while they meet some amazing Animal Ambassadors. Topics such as animal senses and adaptations will come alive as your students explore how animals protect themselves and find food.

Pirates of the ZOOribbean (K-Adult)

Ahoy Mateys! It’s a ZOOribbean adventure as we set sail on an exciting pirate’s journey in search of amazing coastal and island animals. Discover the true treasures of a pirate’s life!

Really Radical Reptiles (K-Adult)

Reptiles are an incredibly unique type of animals, with many species found right here in our Zoo. Great for both reptile fans and those who haven’t quite warmed up to these cold-blooded pals, this animal encounter opportunity gets you up close and personal with the Zoo’s reptilian residents.

The Wonder of Rainforests (K-Adult)

What makes rainforests so special? Through interactive activities, amazing biofacts and real rainforest animals, students will be transported to the rainforests of the world. Students will learn the reasons this important ecosystem is threatened and ways each of us can help save it.

ZOOm Around the World (K-Adult)

Discover a world of animals without leaving your classroom. Students will meet animals native to the far corners of our planet. A diversity of species, which often fill similar niches, will be presented. Representatives might include an emperor scorpion, yellow-billed hornbill, or savannah monitor.

ZOOper Heroes (K-Adult)

Investigate the world of super heroes who have special animal abilities. From fact to fiction, we’ll discover what kind of amazing adaptations it takes to be Spiderman, Batman, Catwoman, and more!


Enjoy special summer time pricing for programs scheduled through August 14, 2020.

Cost: $100 for one program / $150 for two programs

Time: 1 Hour per program


Reservations Required Two Weeks in Advance 


Call: 407-323-4450 ext. 125

Email: cfzoutreach@centralfloridazoo.org


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