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Green Tree Python

Morelia viridis

Green & Gorgeous

These pythons come in various shades of green with a broken yellow stripe down their back. They are often found coiled in trees with their head on top. This south Pacific area snake looks very similar to an emerald tree boa.

About the Species

Often found coiled on a branch in the tree and waiting patiently, this python will still actively hunt its prey.

The green tree python may look very similar to the emerald tree boa, but these two species are a result of convergent evolution. Convergent evolution happens when animals resemble each other and have similar adaptations due to the similarity of their environments, but they are actually not closely related. The green tree python lays eggs, while the emerald tree boa gives birth to live young. Additionally, pythons are only found in the "Old World" - Africa, Asia, and Australia. Boas are found in the "New World"- North and South America- in addition to the "Old World".

Words From the Experts


Although green as adults, when green tree pythons first hatch, they come out bright yellow or red!



Did You Know?

They will often coil themselves on branches with their head on top, searching and waiting for prey.


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Northern Australia, New Guinea, surrounding islands

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Rainforests in low or mid-level altitudes

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1–2 meters

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Small mammals, birds, reptiles

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Birds of prey and humans

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Natural Defenses

Camouflage, sharp teeth

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30 eggs per clutch

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Least Concern

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Life Expectancy

Up to 15 years

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