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K-5th Grade School Programs

Learn more about nature at an early age.

Kindergarten - KinderZoo!

It’s a wild world of Zoo wonders for kindergarten students as they experience the exciting KinderZOO program!

First Grade - First Class . . . Zoo!

First graders can experience a Zoo adventure designed just for them!

Second Grade - Zoo Keeper 101

Your second graders have just been hired as Zoo Keepers. What will their new job entail?

Third Grade - Zoo Explorers 

Third graders will rotate through three exciting learning stations as they take a walk on the wild side!

Fourth Grade - Animal Trackers

Fourth graders will travel behind the scenes and out into the Zoo on an exciting journey into the processes of life!

Fifth Grade - Paws on the Planet

Fifth-grade students will go on an exciting quest into the Zoo to learn how changes in the environment have affected animals worldwide and how humans are helping endangered species.

  • Saving Animals From Extinction
  • Culture Builds Florida
  • Florida Association of Zoos and Aquariums