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VIRTUAL – Animal Trackers

Fourth Grade

During this interactive virtual fourth grade program, students will go on an exciting journey to discover the processes of life!

Program Description

They will meet live animals up close on camera as they learn how animal behaviors are shaped by heredity and learning and how energy travels the food chain. From giraffes to rhinos, bears to cheetahs, students will go in search of biomes found around the world and the animals that live there.

Florida State Standards

Big Idea 5:  Earth in Space and Time
SC.4.E.5.2; SC.4.E.5.3; SC.4.E.5.4

Big Idea 6:  Earth Structures

Big Idea 16:  Heredity and Reproduction
SC.4.L.16.1; SC.4.L.17.2; SC.4.L.17.3; SC.4.L.17.4

Big Idea 17:  Interdependence
SC.4.G.1.1; SS.4.G.1.2; SS.4.G.1.3; SS.4.G.1.4

Strand:  Writing Applications Standard 2; Informative

Strand:  Communication Standard 1: Penmanship


Program Details

Time:   1 Hour and 15 Minutes

Dates:  Monday – Friday

Ages: 4th Grade

Cost:  $300 for one program / $500 for two programs

The ZOOM platform can accommodate up to 100 participants per program.

*Please plan to schedule more than one program if you have more than 100 participants. A teacher joining the program from a classroom computer is considered one participant. A student joining from home as part of the school’s virtual instruction is considered a single participant. 


Reservations Required Two Weeks in Advance 


Call: 407-323-4450 ext. 123

Email: education@centralfloridazoo.org



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