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Get Involved

Discover how you can help the Zoo!


Support the Central Florida Zoo.

Any donation, big or small, helps us feed, care for and protect our planet’s animals while educating and engaging the Central Florida community on our mission.


Make a Zoo animal part of your family.

From a giraffe or rhino, to a black handed spider monkey, or even a playful otter, adopting a Zoo animal lets you become an important caretaker for these exotic creatures.


Tribute gifts and planned giving.

Tribute gifts, including memorials and commemorative benches, as well as planned giving allow you and those closest to you to continue supporting our organization and our commitment to conservation and education.


Give a wild gift!

Purchase a Zoo Annual Pass gift certificate so your loved one can enjoy the Zoo all year.


Intern at the Zoo

Animal Department Interns work alongside our Animal Care Specialists as they learn about animal husbandry, behavior, dietary requirements, operant conditioning training, enrichment, animal restraint, and species management.


Donate your time to a wild cause.

Put on your best smile and join our team at the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens. We offer many different volunteer opportunities, so you're sure to be part of a great adventure.


Your organization can make a difference.

From event sponsorships to philanthropic donations, you can form a partnership with the Zoo to promote your product or organization and fulfill your corporate citizenship needs.


Making a difference through conservation.

The Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens is a center for science and conservation, with great learning opportunities and a strong commitment to improving animal health and welfare.

  • Saving reptiles and amphibians
  • Saving Animals From Extinction
  • Culture Builds Florida
  • Florida Association of Zoos and Aquariums