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Paws on the Planet

Fifth Grade

Fifth-grade students will go on an exciting quest into the Zoo to learn how changes in the environment have affected animals worldwide and how humans are helping endangered species.

Program Description

Students will meet live animals as they learn about animal adaptations, life cycles, behaviors, and physical characteristics. An exploration of ZooLab pond with microscopes will illuminate the diversity of living organisms and the importance of water cycles. We’ll be going “paws on” at the Zoo to learn more about wildlife in wild places!

Florida State Standards

Big Idea 1:  The Practice of Science

Big Idea 7:  Earth Systems and Patterns
SC.5.E.7.2; SC.5.E.7.5; SC.5.E.7.6

Big Idea 14:  Organization and Development of Living Organisms
SC.4.L.14.1; SC.5.L.14.2

Big Idea 15:  Diversity of Living Organisms

Big Idea 17: Interdependence

Strand:  Writing Applications Standard 2: Informative

Strand: Communications Standard 1: Penmanship


Program Details

Time:  10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Dates:  Monday – Friday

Ages: 5th Grade

Group Size Per Day – Min. 15 students, 1 adult / Max. 72, 16 adults

*Please plan to schedule more than one date if you have more than 72 students.


Students: $13.00 each

Teachers: Free

One Chaperone per 10 students required: Free

Additional chaperones at $16.60 per person.


Seminole County Public School Discount Rate:

Students: $9.75 each

Teachers: Free

One chaperone per 10 students required: Free

Additional chaperones at $16.60 per person


Safety Measures

  • All participants will be required to wear face coverings that cover the nose and mouth.
  • Social distancing measures will be in place during all activities.
  • Participants will have regularly scheduled hand washing breaks and hand sanitizer will be available in all activity spaces.
  • Group size is limited to accommodate social distancing measures.


Reservations Required Two Weeks in Advance 


Call: 407-323-4450 ext. 123

Email: education@centralfloridazoo.org



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