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Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Capra hircus

Goat Milk?

Nigerian dwarf goats are a dairy breed of goat. They are ideally around 75 pounds with gold, chocolate, or black hair with various other colors dispersed throughout their coats.

About the Species

The Nigerian dwarf goats are domestic goats, originating in West Africa.

Their bodies are well proportioned with a straight nose, upright ears and short to medium hair. Their coats come in many different colors although the main color families are black, gold, chocolate with random spots of other colors dispersed through out their coats. They are mainly kept as dairy goats. Their small size requires less space than other larger dairy breeds. Due to their friendly and outgoing personalities, they are kept as pets.

Words From the Experts


Nigerian dwarf goats are a dairy breed of goat. They are also great browsers of plant material, which makes them great at clearing overgrown land. Our two Nigerian dwarf goats, Major Payne and Splinter, live in Barnyard Buddies. Stop by and see them on your next visit to the Zoo!



Did You Know?

Throughout history, goats have been kept and bred to be used for their milk, fiber, or to be eaten.


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West Africa

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Lowlands and countryside of West Africa

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34 kg (75 lbs) (avg.)

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Grasses and shrubs

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Humans and large carnivores

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Natural Defenses


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3–4 young per litter

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Not Listed

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Life Expectancy

10–15 years

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