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Pygmy Goat

Capra hircus

Goatta Love Goats!

Pygmy goats weigh between 40–70 pounds standing around 1–2 feet tall. They have medium length hair.

About the Species

Goats are able to adapt to a variety of different climates and conditions.

Goats are one of the smallest domesticated ruminants. A goat's lips, teeth and tongue are the primary grazing tools. Goats start at the top of a plant working their way down. Mastication is necessary to break down food into smaller pieces. A goat's upper jaw is wider than their lower jaw, and one side at a time is utilized to chew their food. It takes several hours for food to pass through a goat's digestive system.

Words From the Experts


We currently have five pygmy goats that live in Barnyard Buddies. Their names are Mortin, Gremlin, Gismo, Dovy and Cookie. Pygmy goats love to run, jump and climb on things. Pygmy goats are also very social animals that enjoy being around others and receiving lots of attention. During your visit, they would love for you stop by and say hi!



Did You Know?

Do you know your goat lingo? Males are called a bucks. Females are called does and babies are kids.


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Native to West Africa

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African grasslands and semi-desert areas

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18–32 kg (40–70 lbs)

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Brush, shrubs, broadleaf weeds

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Humans and large carnivores

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Natural Defenses


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2 young per litter

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Not Listed

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Life Expectancy

10–15 years

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