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Girl Scout Programs

The wildest way to earn your badges.

Bring Your Troop to the Zoo

The Central Florida Zoo offers Girl Scouts unique opportunities to earn their badges.

Girl Scout Brochure

Daisy Petal Workshops

Clover Petal: Use Resources Wisely

In this badge workshop, participants will earn their Clover petal by completing the badge requirements through stories, crafts, up-close animal encounters, and a tour around the Zoo. Your group will learn how they and the Zoo can use resources wisely.

Rosie Petal: Make the World a Better Place

This badge workshop allows Girl Scouts to earn their Rosie petal through storytelling, arts and crafts, animal encounters, and a special tour around the Zoo. Your group will find out how each of us can make a difference and the world a better place.

Brownie Badge Workshops

Pets (It’s Your Story: Animals) Badge

Earn a new badge with a better understanding of what makes an animal wild or domestic, and what it takes to care for them. Troops will see sample diets, meet animals in the classroom, tour the Zoo and help make an enrichment that will be given to one of the Zoo’s animals.

Senses (It’s Your Story: Investigation) Badge

In this badge workshop, troop members will learn about animal senses and discover how extraordinary they are. Through hands-on activities, animal encounters and a Zoo tour, groups will learn how animals use their senses to survive in their habitats.

Bugs (Legacy: Naturalist) Badge

Explore the world of bugs and learn why they are so important to the well-being of our planet. With hands-on activities, animal meetings and a tour of our Insect Zoo, get ready to meet some of the world’s coolest crawlers.

Junior Badge Workshops

Gardener (It’s Your Planet: Do It Yourself) Badge

Gather your troop and spend some time in the Zoo’s Botanical Gardens, learning what every plant needs to survive and thrive. Explore plants native to Florida and how they can be used to create a garden in your very own backyard that’s suitable and safe for Florida’s wildlife.

Animal Habitats (It’s Your Story: Animals) Badge

Investigate different habitats and the animals that live there through hands-on activities, animal encounters, and a Zoo tour. Troops will learn different ways they can help save endangered species and the unique environments they live in.


Prices and Registration

Cost: $15 per person, minimum of 10 people required (includes Scouts and adults). Price includes Zoo admission and choice of program. One adult per five Scouts is free. Only Scouts and chaperones may attend the program. Other guests may pay regular admission and enjoy the Zoo.

Time: Approximately 2 hours

Availability: Saturdays / September through May


Reservations Required Two Weeks in Advance 


Call: 407-323-4450 ext. 123

Email: education@centralfloridazoo.org


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