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Pre-K and VPK Virtual Outreach Programs

Zoo to You! Virtual Fieldtrips

Choose from a wide a variety of exciting animal presentations that will bring these wonderful programs right to you!

NEW! Let us bring the Zoo to you through virtual outreach programs!

Experience up-close opportunities to meet our animal ambassadors and talk with Education team members via the internet. Choose from any of the virtual outreach programs listed below and we will bring them live to you via Zoom, Webex, or Microsoft Teams!

Animals in Action

Animals move in many ways. How many can you think of? How many can you imitate? Discover all the right moves and get moving during this lively presentation!

Best Bet for Pets

What kind of pet would you like? Maybe a tiger or a really big snake? What’s wrong with having a wild animal as a pet? It’s “wild vs. domestic” in this up close look at the best bet for a great pet.

Diggin’ Deep Beneath Our Feet

We’re diggin’ deep beneath our feet as we go exploring for animals that live underground! Discover the adaptations that allow these creatures to make their homes under logs, leaves and trees.

Happy Habitats

What do all living things need to survive? From desert to rainforest, animals are found in a variety of habitats throughout the world. Discover how they have adapted to their habitats while meeting animals from around the world.

Hooray for Rainforests

Imaginations will soar as children are magically transported to the rainforest through interactive activities involving sounds, movement, stories, and, of course, real rainforest animals. The wonder of this fascinating ecosystem will come alive and help shape curiosity and appreciation for a future of caring.

Where’s the Bear

Black bears in Central Florida? There certainly are and they need our help! Children will play an active part in this lively presentation that emphasizes the simple concept that by saving black bear habitat, we will also be saving many other species as well. Animals sharing the bear’s habitat will be part of the presentation.


Cost: $150 for one program / $250 for two programs / $300 for three programs

Time: 30 Minutes for one program, please allow 15 minutes between programs if you need to schedule more than one program per day.


Reservations Required Two Weeks in Advance 


Call: 407-323-4450 ext. 125

Email: cfzoutreach@centralfloridazoo.org


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