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Animal Ambassadors

Zoo to You!

The animals who live in Zoo Lab are faces many of you may know!


Our Animal Ambassador team is showing us just how smart cats are. Watch Bosco, our male serval, during a training session to show off some of his behaviors and learn some new ones!


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Bugs! We promise, these ones are pretty neat. From scorpions that glow under UV light to flightless cockroaches, our Animal Ambassador team shows us some of the coolest arthropods at the Zoo.


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Endangered Species

Join our Animal Ambassador keepers as they introduce us to a few endangered species, whose wild counterparts can be found both near and far! We’ll talk about how we can help make an impact for conservation in our daily lives by shopping products certified by the Rainforest Alliance and the Forest Stewardship Council, as well as some of the conservation efforts the Zoo does year-round.


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Dillo—Nine-banded Armadillo

Animal Ambassador keeper, Madison, is giving us an up-close look at Dillo, our nine-banded armadillo. You may see these guys in their natural habitat, but Dillo came to the Zoo as an infant and couldn’t be released. Madison is here to tell us about why these guys are so important in their native ecosystems and some of the awesome adaptations they have to help them survive. Plus…we get to see Dillo eating some of his favorite treats!



Remy—Virginia Opossum

We’re in ZooLab today with our Animal Ambassador, Remy, the Virginia opossum! This little guy is a great ambassador for his species. Morgan tells us all about his unique adaptations, what it means to be the only marsupial in North America, and why opossums are so important for our ecosystems!



Tito—Tucuman Amazon Parrot

We’re back in ZooLab with Lane and Tito, our Amazon Tucuman parrot! Though parrots are known for their ability to “speak,” they can’t actually understand words or meanings. Their skills are purely mimicry. We’re going over some training behaviors and what makes these parrots so unique.



Dill Prickle and Pippin—Four-toed Hedgehog and Lesser Madagascar Tenrec

Madison is here with us with two of our prickly little Animal Ambassadors—Dill Prickle, the hedgehog, and Pippin, the tenrec. These spiky fellas aren’t quite as similar as you’d think…and one of them is actually more closely related to an elephant!




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