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Zoo to You!

Our hoofstock team gets us up close and personal with some of the Zoo's most popular residents, like PJ the rhino, Gage and Rafiki the giraffes, our Barnyard Buddies, and more!

PJ—Greater One-Horned Rhino


Our hoofstock team took us for an up-close rhino encounter with PJ, our greater one-horned rhino! Let’s learn all about this species’ solitary behavior, diet, habitat, and more.


Want to learn more about greater one-horned rhinos?


Gage and Rafiki—Giraffe


We’re getting close to the tallest animals in the Zoo—Gage and Rafiki, our giraffe! Learn about the training behaviors our hoofstock team works on with them and what some of their favorite treats are.


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Our Barnyard Buddies


We’re catching up with the hoofstock team as they wrap up their walk of our Barnyard Buddies through the Zoo. These popular faces are used to guests feeding them during their visit, but they have to walk off those calories sometimes!


Want to learn more about the mammals in our Barnyard Buddies?


PJ Picasso—Our Greater One-horned Rhino Paints!


We’re back for another segment of the Zoo to You with PJ, our greater one-horned rhinoceros. Today, we get to watch while he does one of his favorite enrichment activities—painting! Learn more about how he creates these awesome works of art, as well as some more facts about his species and the conservation work the Zoo is doing to help!


Want to learn more about the International Rhino Foundation?


Big Girl, Little Girl, and Karanga—Warthogs!


Happy birthday to all three of our warthogs! These special girls are having their very own party with all kinds of enrichment items. What kind of gifts do you think they received?


Want to learn more about warthogs?


Jim and Charming—Donkeys!


We’re back with more of our Barnyard Buddies! Today, we’re getting the story of how Jim and Charming came to us…and their direct ties to historic American populations of donkeys!


Want to learn more about donkeys?


PJ and His Comfort Brush by FutureCow!


Today, PJ and our hoofstock team are joined by our friend, Stephanie, from locally owned company, FutureCow. FutureCow recently created a special enrichment item for PJ—a motion sensored brush to get all his itches!


Want to learn more about FutureCow?


Harvey, Agave, and Tammy—Chacoan Peccaries!


These aren’t pigs—just distant cousins! Chacoan peccaries were actually thought to be extinct until they were discovered by scientists in South America in the 1970s. They are still an endangered species, though, and we’re lucky to have three right here at the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens!


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