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Wild Crafts and Activities

Zoo to You!

We're bringing the Zoo to You a wildly fun time at home. Learn about animals through crafts and activities!

Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture.

Make A Fly Catcher

Our Zoo teachers are getting wild with this simple, fun craft to do at home. Learn about frogs, what they eat, and then make your very own frog fly catcher game.

Once it’s done—how many can you catch?


Instructions and Template


Worms in Dirt Snack

Who’s hungry? In this segment, you’ll meet our nine-banded armadillo and learn about what he eats. Afterwards, our Zoo teachers will show you how to make your very own insectivore-inspired snack!




Rhino Ears

Did you know rhinos have an excellent sense of hearing? Hear like a rhino after making your very own rhino ears…you’ll look and sound just like PJ, our greater one-horned rhino!




Make an Alligator

Florida is known for being home to American alligators, but did you know they aren’t actually green? Baby alligators even have yellow stripes! Join our Zoo teachers for this fun alligator craft and to learn more about American alligators.


Instructions and Template


Make a Stethoscope

How do veterinarians listen to animal heartbeats? They actually use a stethoscope—the same thing doctors use to listen to yours! In this segment of Zoo to You Wild Crafts, our Zoo teachers will show you how you make your own stethoscope to give exams to your animal patients at home!


Instructions and Template


Bird Watching Binoculars

Get an up-close look at your backyard birds by making these easy, bird watching binoculars! How many species can you spot?




Florida Birds Field Guide


Puzzle Feeder

Puzzle feeders are a great enrichment item for animals. Enrichment encourages natural behaviors of an animal, so this puzzle feeder is a way to really get them thinking and using their problem-solving skills to get to their treats!




Zoo Yoga

Get outside and pose like some of your favorite Zoo animals! From stretching like a giraffe to hanging like a sloth, you can get some fresh air and relax your muscles by joining us for Zoo yoga!



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