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19 Sep 2019

Inaugural Asian Lantern Festival Coming to the Zoo!

The Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens will transform into an evening wonderland of lights during the Asian Lantern Festival: Into the Wild starting in November. This limited engagement cultural event will… Read More
20 Aug 2019

Hatchlings are Happening!

Healthy Hatchlings, Happy Humans   The Eastern indigo snake (Drymarchon couperi) is the largest non-venomous species of snake in North America. It is a vital apex predator and helps maintain balance in… Read More
07 Aug 2019

Cotton-top Tamarin Conservation

Cotton-top tamarins, often referred to as “little Einsteins” due to the bushy mane of white hair on top of their head, are found exclusively within the tropical forests of northwestern Columbia. These… Read More
26 Jun 2019

It’s H-OTTER Than You Think!

It’s steamy year-round in the Sunshine State, but in the middle of summer, we can really feel the heat! Heat related illnesses and emergencies can have a rapid onset, so stay cool… Read More
21 Jun 2019

Standing Tall for Conservation

Giraffe certainly stand out in the animal kingdom and have become a beloved species around the globe. There are plenty of reasons to love giraffe, but many don’t realize the plight they… Read More
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