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Macaw Habitat

Here are a few reasons why you should cast your vote for the macaw habitat!


Chewing is a natural behavior for macaws. It is something they do to keep their beaks in good shape. Our Animal Care Team provides a lot of enrichment so our macaws can explore and keep busy using their natural behaviors like chewing.


What remains after our macaws have been given enrichment!


Besides interacting with each other, our macaws interact with different objects by moving them with their feet, testing them with their tongue, and tossing them around. Daily the medley of food, wood, and enrichment items provided must be removed from the habitat to make room for new exploration.


Our hyacinth macaws interacting with each other while exploring their enrichment!


Cast your vote for the macaw habitat by clicking on our Facebook campaign link below.       Funds received will support the Zoo’s sustainability campaign.



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