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Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens, Wekiva Island celebrate otter habitat sponsorship with ceremony, painting by Molly

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens, Wekiva Island celebrate otter habitat sponsorship with ceremony, painting by Molly

If you are a frequent visitor to the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens, you might have noticed some special signs at certain habitats around the Zoo. These markers share businesses and individuals who have committed to supporting us by sponsoring an animal habitat.

They mean that a business has promised to provide the funds and support to help us feed and care for these animals for the year—but they also represent the important ties the Zoo has with our community in Central Florida.

We recently had the pleasure of celebrating one of these bonds.

Last year, Wekiva Island decided to sponsor our North American river otter habitat. The Wekiva Island team officially kicked off this support with a special visit to celebrate their sponsorship.

The Wekiva Island team got to have a ceremonial “fish drop” to give Molly, our resident otter, enrichment treats. We were also thrilled to surprise them with a painting by Molly herself. Molly even got in on the fun when the team was taking a photo to mark the moment.

“As a proud sponsor of the Zoo’s otter habitat, we are thankful for the opportunity to support such a wonderful cause,” said Bill Weinaug, owner of Wekiva Island. “The otter is especially near and dear to us because we have river otters at Wekiva Island.”

Wekiva Island even named their craft beer and wine bar The Tooting Otter in honor of the aquatic mammals.

Wekiva Island has already held a fundraiser Seafood Boil to support its Zoo sponsorship. Their leadership serves on our board, and they have also sponsored other Zoo events, like Brews Around the Zoo.

We are incredibly thankful for partners like Wekiva Island, not only for their monetary support, but for their support of our community and mission.

“It’s a pleasure to partner with an organization like Wekiva Island that is rooted in conservation and sustainability,” said CEO Richard E. Glover, Jr. “Sponsorships like this are part of the way the Zoo is able to live its mission and do the conservation and education work we need to in the community. Together with Wekiva Island we can make a significant impact.”

Interested in sponsoring a Zoo habitat? To learn more, contact Lee at leep@centralfloridazoo.org.

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