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The Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens Aims to Raise $300,000 by June 30

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

The Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens Aims to Raise $300,000 by June 30

Even as COVID-19 vaccines roll out, businesses everywhere are still recovering from the impact of the pandemic. The Central Florida Zoo is no different.

The Zoo recently celebrated a milestone in its No Zoo Without You sustainability campaign, but it still needs help.

With incredible support from the community, the Zoo is proud to announce today that it has raised more than $2 million of its $2.5 million goal. Now, the sustainability effort has entered its final push: to raise $300,000 by June 30 and finish the campaign.

To combat the spread of COVID-19, the Zoo closed in March for eight weeks, right during its busiest season. During the closure, it amassed a huge—and growing—deficit. After the closure, the Zoo launched the sustainability campaign in an effort to keep the doors open for the community institution.

“Laying off staff and finding new homes for the animals was never an option for us at the Central Florida Zoo,” said Dino Ferri, the Zoo’s CEO. “We could not be more thankful for the organizations, entities and individuals who have rallied around us and helped us keep the Central Florida Zoo open for our community.”


Ferri specifically thanked the Seminole County Board of Commissioners, Seminole County Tourism Development Council and the City of Sanford. He added that community support is vital to the Zoo’s future.

Those who wish to help the Zoo have several options:

  • Every little bit helps, and the Zoo is thankful for all donations. Give now.
  • Visit and make memories with family. Learn more here.
  • Purchase an Annual Pass. Learn more about Annual Passes here.
  • Participate in education programs, including virtually. The Central Florida Zoo hosts an array of events every month, including classes for various ages, teacher workshops, Kids Night Out and more. Learn more about upcoming events here.
  • Become a partner. For those interested in doing more, the Zoo has a variety of ways for corporations to partner. Learn more about partnerships here.


For more information about No Zoo Without You, please visit www.centralfloridazoo.org/you.


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