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Seminole Aerial Adventures Important Information & Safety

Things You Need to Know


All adventurers will need a dated and timed ticket until further notice. Tickets are available online only.

Please proceed directly to the Harness House with your ticket and your photo ID.

We ask that you please arrive no more than 15 minutes before your flight time. Adventurers that arrive 30 minutes or more after their scheduled flight time may have to wait to start the course to ensure proper social distancing.

Waivers Required

You can fill out these waivers and bring them with you, or they are available at the Harness House.

Minor Waiver (For each guest under the age of 18)

Adult Waiver

Adventure Dress Code

  • All participants must wear closed, secured athletic footwear.
  • Dresses and skirts must have shorts/pants worn underneath. Bathing suits are not recommended.
  • Long hair should be tied back and secured.

Regulations & Restrictions

  • There is a 250-pound weight limit for participants.
  • You must fit comfortably into our harnesses—
    An estimated maximum waist size is 48″
    An estimated maximum thigh size is 26″
  • Pregnant women are prohibited from participating.
  • Anyone under the influence of alcohol, drugs, illegal substances, or medications that may impair their ability to safely traverse the course is prohibited.
  • Anyone who jeopardizes their own safety, or the safety of other guests, will be removed from the course at the discretion of our staff.


Due to concerns related to the spread of the coronavirus, we have added some additional requirements for all guests.

If you, or anyone in your group, has had a fever or has not been feeling well in the 24 hours prior to your scheduled adventure, please email tickets@centralfloridazoo.org to reschedule your visit.

  • All guests and staff are required to wear a face covering or mask while in the briefing area and during training. Face coverings and mask are not required while on the course.
  • All guests and staff are required to practice 6 foot social distancing while in the briefing area and during training.
  • All reservation groups will be no more than 8 people. Timed reservations must be made in advance.  Groups will only be trained together and participate on the course together if they arrive together.
  • All guests and staff must practice social distancing while above ground on the course.  Only one person is permitted on each platform or obstacle at one time.
  • Zipline gloves must be worn throughout the safety briefing and while on the course.  Guests Must sanitize their hands before wearing assigned gloves.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available to individuals prior to and after their adventure.
  • No wristbands will be given. Guests must present their receipt to show which course they will be participating on.
  • No shoes will be rented.
  • Harnesses, gloves, helmets and all other gear with be disinfected and sanitized with an EPA/CDC recommended approved disinfectant after each use.
  • All common area surfaces and touch points will be sanitized and disinfected hourly and after each group.



  • All of our courses and equipment are inspected daily to ensure optimal safety and security.
  • Helmets and gloves are required and will be provided at no additional cost.
  • A safety briefing is required prior to the start of the course.
  • You will traverse the course independently, while aerial adventure guides follow from the ground.
  • All adventurers are encouraged to bring bottled water with them.


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