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Seminole Aerial Adventures Weather Policy

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Please keep in mind when planning your adventure that this is an outdoor, aerial activity and is subject to the elements.

Weather conditions can change daily, sometimes hourly.

Here is what you need to know before arriving for your adventure:

  • If bad weather is in the forecast, please call us at before your flight time to see if we are still operating.
  • If lightning is less than 10 miles away, we will remove all guests from the course.
  • If there are winds over 25 MPH, partial or full course closures may occur.
  • If the radar indicates inclement weather will pass quickly, you are welcome to wait and resume your course once it clears.
  • If storms last for an hour or more, we will close for the day.
  • If storms begin after 2:00 p.m., we will close for the day.
  • If the courses close due to inclement weather, we will not issue refunds, rain checks, or returns to finish the course on another day.
  • If we believe bad weather is possible, staff will let you know before you purchase, or contact you if you have already purchased.
  • Severe weather may cause partial or full closure of the courses. This decision is at the discretion of our staff.

If you have questions or concerns about the weather on the day of your adventure, please call 407-323-4450, ext 131.


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