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Amazing Reptiles! Show

Discover WOW-inspiring wildlife with our expert reptile & amphibian keepers!

Sorry! This show is temporarily closed.


Learn About These Incredibly Unique Creatures

If it’s scaly or slippery, we’d love to talk about it! Our knowledgable reptile & amphibian zoo keepers are excited to share some of the most unexpected facts about our lizards, snakes and turtles. Gather around near the herpetarium building- but make sure you stay on the opposite side of the barrier, or you may find yourself face-to-face with one of our venomous snakes!


This presentation will include live animal displays of our reptile species’ incredible adaptations that allow them to interact perfectly with their natural environment – some of these adaptations are found nowhere else in the animal kingdom! How’s that for AMAZING?

The Amazing Reptiles! show is included in your general admission Zoo ticket.


Show may be rescheduled based on animal needs and available staff, as well as weather or special event days.
Questions? Call 407-323-4450

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