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Zoo to You!

From the small but fierce fossa to the Zoo's cats and bears, our carnivore team cares for some of the Zoo's top predators in their natural habitats.



Our carnivore team introduces us to Malala, a fossa, whose species is native to the island of Madagascar. We’ll learn about this small carnivore’s diet and some of his favorite enrichment!


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Guignard and Ella—Florida Black Bears


Our carnivore team is taking us behind the scenes to see the bear den! We’ll meet the Zoo’s brother-sister duo, Guignard and Ella, and learn how they came to the Zoo, the types of behaviors they have, and more!


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Cirrus—Clouded Leopard


Our carnivore team introduces us to Cirrus, one of the Zoo’s clouded leopards. These medium-sized cats have some pretty cool adaptations to help them spend a lot of their time in the trees. We’ll also see how they are trained to go into a kennel for transporting them!


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Behind the Scenes of Our Nutrition Center!


We’re getting an exclusive look behind the scenes at our Nutrition Center! Learn all about what it takes to feed all the animals at the Zoo, how we store and prepare food, and determine who eats what.



Cheeto and Frito—Cheetah


Join one of our carnivore keepers, Christina, as she tells us more about our dynamic cheetah duo—Cheeto and Frito! This pair of boys are brothers, though they are part of the Species Survival Plan for cheetahs. Christina breaks down for us what that means and teaches us more about the fastest land mammals in the world!


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