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Zoo to You!

Our bird team cares for feathered species from all over the world! From birds of prey to colorful macaws, they'll show us some of the birds they care for in the Zoo and behind the scenes.

Flying High! Bird Show


Our bird team is soaring to you with their Flying High! Show, featuring Simon, our Harris’s hawk and Roxanne, an Eastern screech owl. In this segment of Zoo to You, we’ll watch Simon take flight and learn about the social behaviors of these birds of prey and learn about why Roxanne is so small.


Want to learn more about Harris’s hawks?


Want to learn more about Eastern screech owls?


African Birds—Cape Thick-knee, Red-billed Hornbill, and Blue Bellied Rollers!


We’re getting an inside look at the first habitat you see when you walk into the Zoo—our mixed species African bird habitat! Our bird team talks about the importance of habitat design at the Zoo and how it helps encourage each species’ natural behaviors.


Want to learn more about cape thick-knees?


Want to learn more about red-billed hornbills?


Want to learn more about blue bellied rollers?


Lurch—American Black Vulture!


Our bird team is giving us an exclusive look at one of the Zoo’s behind the scenes residents, Lurch, an American black vulture. These might not be the most popular species, but you may change your mind after seeing him play with his enrichment!


Want to learn more about American black vultures?


Glory and Davidson—Bald Eagles!


One of our bird keepers, Michelle, is having a little fun by asking some trivia about bald eagles—the national emblem of the United States! How many questions can you get right?


Want to learn more about bald eagles?


Diego—Blue and Gold Macaw!


We’re here with Diego, our blue and gold macaw, to learn all about parrots. Did you know these birds have special feet to help them climb? They actually spend more time using their feet than flying!


Want to learn more about blue and gold macaws?


Mr. and Mrs. B.H. Hornbill—Silvery Cheeked Hornbill!


Some of the most vocal birds in the Zoo are our silvery cheeked hornbills. If you’ve ever visited us, you can’t miss them—they live right across from our Barnyard Buddies. Bird keeper, Michelle, tells us a little more about these birds and shows us how you can make a simple bird feeder at home!


Want to learn more about silvery cheeked hornbills?


Nova and Raynor—Kookaburra!


These birds are known for their laugh throughout the wild outback of Australia! Today, Courtney is taking us inside our kookaburra habitat, where we’ll learn all about these small birds and how ferocious they actually are!


Want to learn more about kookaburras?


Hornbill and Sweet Pea—Wreathed Hornbill!


Join Kaeli inside our wreathed hornbill habitat to learn about these birds’ unique nesting behavior, how our keepers work to train them, and the Zoo’s conservation efforts to help hornbills in their natural habitat! 


Want to learn more about wreathed hornbills?



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