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Small Mammals

Zoo to You!

Our small mammals team cares for the Zoo's porcupines, monkeys, lemurs, otters, and more!

Pancake and Pluto—African Cape Porcupine


Our small mammals team gave us for a glimpse of training with Pancake and Pluto, our African cape porcupines! In this segment of Zoo to You, we learn all about this species and the importance of daily training.


Want to learn more about African cape porcupines?


Cotton-top Tamarin Family!


They may be small, but there’s strength in numbers! We’re getting an exclusive look inside the habitat of our cotton-top tamarins. We’ll meet the entire family of these tiny, Colombian monkeys and our small mammals team will teach us more about their social behaviors and why they don’t make great pets.


Want to learn more about Cotton-top tamarins?


Horst and Amabella—Red-ruffed Lemurs


Horst and Amabella are the Zoo’s red-ruffed lemurs, and one of the cutest couples. Our small mammals team takes us inside their habitat to show off some training techniques, enrichment items, and teach us more about conservation of lemurs in Madagascar.


Want to learn more about red-ruffed lemurs?

Coral—Two-toed Sloth


One of our small mammals keepers, MaryLynn, is all about the selfies! The good news is, so is Coral, our sloth! MaryLynn takes us inside Coral’s habitat to show us the slow life of sloths and some of the unique adaptations they have to live in trees.


Want to learn more about two-toed sloths?


Elliot and Figment—Ring-Tailed Lemurs


Gather ’round while our resident “lemur lady,” Mary, tells us all about one of the most popular species of lemurs—the ring-tailed lemurs! Elliot and Figment are twin brothers and they sure do act like it! Have you ever heard of stink fighting?!


Want to learn more about ring-tailed lemurs?


Big Guy and Zsa Zsa—Black-handed Spider Monkeys!


We’re not monkeying around when we say how cool spider monkeys are! Small mammals keeper, Kiara, is introducing us to Big Guy and Zsa Zsa, our spider monkeys. We’ll learn about how they move, what a prehensile tail is, and more!


Want to learn more about spider monkeys?



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