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Types of Enrichment

Environmental - Props and Pathways

Cotton-top tamarins are energetic and highly social. They love exploring their habitat when new props and pathways are presented to them.

Foods and Feedings - Edible Flowers

Did you know that some flowers are edible? Flowers from our zoo’s botanical gardens are a novel treat for our sloth.

Manipulative - Encourage Foraging

Porcupines use their teeth and paws to dig at roots and trees. Hiding their diet in palm fronds is a way for keepers to encourage foraging behaviors.

Manipulative - Encourage Exercise

Hanging enrichment up high encourages our amur leopard to exercise his muscles and show off his climbing skills.

Manipulative - Encourage Play and Exploration

Boomer Balls can encourage play and exploration.  

Manipulative - Encourage Problem Solving

The bears must roll around the “Amazing Graze” in just the right way to get the treats inside to fall out.


Keepers will use scents to stimulate the animals’ instinct to rub, scratch, and explore!

Foods and Feedings - A Big Cat Slow Feeder

Muffin tins are a durable option for a big cat version of a pet slow feeder.


The macaws use oak browse to clean and sharpen their beaks.

Sensory - Automated Brush

The rhino uses an automatic brush to scratch those hard to reach places on his back and sides.

Environmental - Encourage Natural Behaviors

The “bop bag”  is a great sparring partner for our goats.

Food and Feeding - Puzzle Feeders

Suet baskets for birds can be repurposed as simple puzzle feeders.


Sensory - Social Enrichment

Keepers can make social enrichment safe by giving items that have been with one animal to another.

Environmental - Leaf Litter

Animal safe leaf litter is a great way to provide animals with nesting material.

Environmental - Dry Ice

Dry ice can be interesting to watch for people and animals!

Manipulative - Holl-ee Roller

Grass and some produce stuffed in a Holl-ee Roller can be a healthy challenge!

Manipulative - Weeto

Fossas are very energetic, so it is important to provide them with enrichment that will withstand their play.

Manipulative - Plastic Balls

Plastic balls can be a versatile enrichment.

Social Interactions - Jolly Ball

Enrichment can stimulate social interactions in animals that live in groups.

Environmental - Ice

Ice can be a great environmental enrichment item for animals who are used to warmer temperatures like our Florida Black Bears.

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