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Reptiles and Amphibians

Zoo to You!

Our reptile & amphibians team gives us a closer look at venomous species, alligators, crocodiles, and more!

Venom! Show


Our reptile & amphibian team is bringing us their popular Venom! show, featuring Kesha, our timber rattlesnake and Caitlyn, our cottonmouth. We’re meeting two Florida natives to learn about the difference between venom and poison, how to identify venomous snakes, and more!


Want to learn more about timber rattlesnakes?


Want to learn more about cottonmouth snakes?


Marley—American Crocodile


Join our reptile and amphibian team as they take us to meet the largest carnivore in the Zoo, Marley, our American crocodile! He’s one of the Zoo’s oldest residents and we’re just in time to watch him eat his lunch.


Want to learn more about American crocodiles?


Angel—Aldabra Tortoise


We’re getting a special lunch date with Angel, the Zoo’s Aldabra tortoise—the second largest species of tortoise in the world. This pretty lady is the oldest animal at the Zoo, but she hasn’t even reached her prime! Our reptile & amphibians team will tell us how big they can get, how long Angel can live, and more!


Want to learn more about Aldabra tortoises?


Yondu—Blue Iguana


Did you know most lizards actually have a third eye? Our reptile and amphibian keepers are taking us inside the habitat of Yondu, our Blue Iguana! This large lizard is endemic to the Grand Cayman islands, but Yondu does pretty well in Florida.


Want to learn more about blue iguanas?


Melissa—Pine Snake


Today, we’re with Buck and Corey, who are teaching us about Melissa, our pine snake! Pine snakes are one of the largest non-venomous species of snake native to Florida and have some pretty cool ways of hunting, finding places to live, and camouflaging!


Want to learn more about Florida pine snakes?


Calvin and Hobbes—Tiger Salamander


Tune in to meet Calvin and Hobbes, our two tiger salamanders! Today, we’re inside the herpetarium to meet these young amphibians while we talk about some of the special adaptations they have to help their unique lifestyle.


Want to learn more about tiger salamanders?


Tank—African Spurred Tortoise


Tank is an African Spurred tortoise—the third largest species of tortoise in the world! Learn about how they got their name and some of the ways they are different than larger tortoises, which live on islands.


Want to learn more about African spurred tortoises?


Doug, Mary, Mary, and Mary—Radiated Tortoises


Doug is a lucky guy—he lives with three females, all named Mary! Our radiated tortoises are one of the smaller species of tortoise we have here, but they are just as cool! Native to the island of Madagascar, radiated tortoises have some pretty cool adaptations and behaviors. Join Katie and Corey to learn more about them!


Want to learn more about radiated tortoises?




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